Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Since this is not "no news" it's not good news

The bottom line on Dayna's knee is that it's blown. All he could do today was clip a part of the medial meniscus that's torn and hope that will relieve her pain. Her ACL is stretched to the point it's folding over on itself, thus not prividing any support in her knee & why it hyperextends. Her lateral meniscus cartilage has a "double bucket" tear.

Her surgeon said the next step is an ACL graft which would be a 2-3 hr surgery & mean nine months of rehab. We didn't ask if that would mean she would have to be off work for that long or just a lot of PT. Probably the latter. If that doesn't work then she will need a full knee replacement.

She wasn't ready for this news since he had told her he couldn't see anything on the X-ray or MRI. She was beginning to think it was all in her head or something very minor and she almost cancelled today's surgery.

She's home and resting and only time will tell what the next step is. Thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers.


  1. Bummer. My supervisor had the ACL surgery and was back to work in a couple of weeks, with PT for several months after. In fact, he was on crutches for just a short while, then a walking splint. I'm sure Dayna could work. Double bummer!

  2. Sorry to hear it wasn't the best outcome. If she lived in AZ I could recommend a great PT!

  3. sorry about dayna and her knee. i just had a good friend that had her second knee replaced. we moved wayne's mom from pilot point to denton to a beautiful and new retirement center with lots to do. we are very busy with her house and getting ready for an ESTATE SALE so the word is now. we are in the corp of engineer park in lewisville across from the golf course. give us a call if you get down this way. would love to see you.give us a call.

  4. Any update on Dayna? I hope she has recuperated well from her surgery. When does she see the next surgeon to talk about the graft?