Sunday, October 8, 2006


We're back in TX at the same campground we were at before we left in June. Dayna is having knee surgery on Wednesday so we don't know how long we will be here. This is the knee injured in the trail bike accident when she was 13.

She has little control over it anymore. It hyperextends on its own and causes her a lot of pain. The doctors can't find anything on the X-ray or MRI so will be doing exploratory surgery arthroscopically. If he can find something fixable that way he will. Otherwise he will close her up and then reschedule major surgery for a later date. So right now our plans are on hold.

But her luck continues to hold - sort of. She was in a pool tournament with Sally employees a few weeks ago & won a TV!

Deidra & Dom have no school today due to one of those teacher days and have free tickets to the state fair so we are going to take them. But not until we drop the scooter off at the repair shop. The coolant sprung a leak before we left CA so the scooter needs to get fixed. That's the first of many repair/maintenance items we have to do while we're here.


  1. Most people say that it's one thing after another; with your family, it seems like ten things after twenty. I sure hope they can "fix" Dayna's knee withour major surgery. The scooter is way down on the list of things to pray for, but assure Dayna that she's uppermost for the near future.
    Did you realize that this is Columbus Day? It used to be on the 12th, if I remember correctly. Anyway, no mail today. The post office remembered.

  2. When I saw the subject line of this post, I thought maybe R was having a follow up procedure on his back or something. I'm sure Dayna is not looking forward to knee surgery. Ouch! Hope all goes well and can be fixed easily.

  3. Doctors seem to have knees down pretty well now, at least if you're a world-class athelete.
    Good luck!

  4. Keeping Dayna in my prayers as she goes through surgery!