Friday, February 23, 2007

Quartzsite - Exploring

This week has been pretty quiet, but the weather has been very nice until today. Lots of wind today so we have just stayed in and caught up with reading, needlework and some naps.

Last Saturday we took a scooter ride down south toward Yuma. We turned off at the Yuma Proving Grounds toward Imperial Dam. We had planned to move down there a week or so ago but I have the bottom of the trailer opened up, waiting for a part we ordered to come in. I don't want to have to close it up until I install the new part, so we are going to stay right here until next week when we move to California. Anyway, we explored around the Imperial Dam area where there is another LTVA. We did not think it was as nice an area as it is here around Quartzsite, but the proximity to Yuma is a big draw. Next time we spend a winter in this area we may stay down there for a while. We needed fuel before we came back and were able to get on the Proving Grounds to use their gas station and PX. It was a nice ride of about 150 miles.

Monday we decided to do a major shopping so drove the truck down to Yuma. It was only a 15 miles further than the turn off to Imperial Dam where we had been on Saturday. Wow, has Yuma changed from the last time we were there! We went to the major shopping area where they have every store you can imagine. It reminded us a lot of the newer shopping areas in the Phoenix area. We had lunch at Cracker Barrel, then Dianna needed some craft stuff from Joanne's and I bought a new mouse for my laptop from Best Buy. Then we shopped at the Wal-Mart Super Center for groceries.

Wednesday we went exploring again. We rode the scooter east on I-10 to US60 and up toward Wickenburg to Salome. That was the way we used to go to Phoenix before they finished I-10. There are several RV parks along US60 that look like they would be good places to stay. It's amazing how many people spend the winter here in remote areas of the Arizona desert. We continued east on US60 to Wenden where we turned north on a road that goes to Alamo Lake State Park. The trip up there from Wenden was about 38 miles and we probably only saw 10 other vehicles the whole time. I was expecting a nice State Park but was disappointed. They built a dam on the Bill Williams river in 1968 that backs up a fairly decent sized lake. However, the area is not at all attractive. I don't know what I was expecting, but it is not a place I would enjoy spending much time.

The trip to Alamo Lake and back was about 180 miles. That is about the daily limit for my backside on the scooter. It sure is a fun way to explore though. We usually take a snack and some drinks with us to enjoy during our breaks. We travel at about 65 on the interstate and 55 to 60 on the other roads. When we filled up on the way home we found we had gotten 66 MPG. Inexpensive way to explore too.


  1. Thanks for the update. We were wondering if you had joined the nomads and silently stole away. We have the same weather you do; it'd cold and windy today. Good time to stay inside with a book.

  2. You do get a lot better gas mileage than me. I get about 38-39 on my bike. Even that is a lot better than the 15 I was getting in my truck or the 25 in the Eclipse.

    180 miles is a long way on a scooter but your's has a pretty large seat. I don't think I would like to ride mine that far in a day.

  3. I forgot to mention, we turned 13,000 miles on that trip. Long way on a scooter.

  4. Thirteen thousand IS a lot of miles. You planning to ride to Alaska?

    (...just kidding...)

  5. That's even a little better mileage than Devon gets in his Prius.

    It's always pretty dry around Yuma and Blythe, but this year Southern Arizona is drier than usual. Phoenix has only had about 1/3 of the usual rain this winter (since October). Normally the hills would be somewhat green with lots of flowers, but they remain brown. I'm sure it's the same around there.