Saturday, February 3, 2007

Quartzsite - Where the smell was coming from

For the past couple weeks we have been smelling grey water occasionally. For those of you who are not RV savy, that is what we call the stuff that goes down the kitchen sink, bathroom sink and shower. It is not the black water which is what goes down the toilet. Almost all RV's have separate tanks for these two kinds of water.

Tonight I finally figured out where the smell was coming from. Our kitchen sink is in the slide out. This means that there is a flexible hose that connects it to the main part of the trailer where the grey water tank is located. I discovered that the flexible vinyl hose had several splits in it. It obviously should not have been used for this purpose.

I had to ride the scooter into Blythe to get a radiator hose to replace it. This should never deteriorate like the vinyl did so it should be a permanent fix. Sorry I did not take photos to post. I know how everyone would enjoy them. I think I will wait until I have a leak in the black water tank for a full photo essay. That will compliment the macerator photo essay I am planning.

By the way, now that I have a new tire on the scooter I was not hesitant to run the 20 miles to Blythe at 75-80 MPH. Sure is a lot different from the scooter I had when I was 14!


  1. And now you are four times as old as you were at 14, which means that your reflexes are not as sharp. Please be more careful; you don't heal as fast as you did then, either. I know, I know that your back surgery was one for the record books. Just the same---I'm allowed to worry.

  2. I can do 73 in 1st gear on my "scooter". ;)

  3. Don, I've seen your motorcycle. That's no scooter. It's a motor with a seat on it.