Sunday, February 11, 2007

Quartzsite - London Bridge

Things have been pretty quiet here lately. I came down with a bad cold about a week ago and Dianna came down with it about 3 days later. We have not felt up to much so until today we had been sticking to home, just getting water and dumping when needed. Otherwise we have been watching TV, surfing the net and sleeping a lot.

Today we both felt enough better that we decided to take a little trip. We drove up to Lake Havasu City to do a little shopping at Walmart. It was a nice drive along the river and lake. I remember when Lake Havasu City was first built by the McCullough Company (yes, the chainsaw makers) and no one could figure out why anyone would want to live out there. As part of the advertising campaign they purchased the old London Bridge which was being replaced in London, and moved it to Lake Havasu. It's still there and looks kind of neat.

There was also a Bob's Big Boy restaurant there. They used to be our hang out when we were in college. They still have many of the same things we used to eat on the menu, but the prices have sure changed. We had burgers, fries, onion rings and drinks. With tip the total came to over $26!

We still plan to move down toward Yuma in a couple days so we will update with our new location when that happens.

Here is a link that will tell you about the LTVA's.


  1. And a hamburger, fries and shake used to cost $.45 at Burger Chef on Oracle Road.

    I see on the map that you are quite a bit south of I10. There are lots more people clustered around the intersection of I10 and 95, which is where I thought you were.
    How far south are you?

  2. We are about 3-4 miles south of the intersection. The BLM has several LTVA (Long Term Visitor Areas) along 95 south of town. The first two are very near the town and the next two are on opposite sides of the road down here. The only one with water and a dump station is the one we are in. People staying in all the other areas have to come down here to dump and get water so it made more sense to us to stay here. It's also a little less crowded, although by now there are probably less than half the people who were in the area three weeks ago.

    I will add a link in the main text that will tell you all you want to know about LTVA's.

  3. I figured out the brain teaser!

  4. Happy 60th birthday, Richard (a couple days late!)