Sunday, November 30, 2008

Denair for the duration

We drove from Tucumcarri, NM to Ash Fork, AZ where we spent the night behind a Chevron service station.  It was a very long day and we drove through a lot of rain, but wanted to get past Flagstaff where snow was forecast overnight.  We were on the road Thanksgiving day by about 7 AM California time and arrived at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds in Lancaster about 2 PM.  We set up the trailer, cleaned up, and then drove down to Wideners for Thanksgiving dinner.  Julie worked all afternoon preparing the turkey and fixin's so we had a very nice dinner.  I drove back to Lancaster after dinner to spend the night and Dianna stayed at her parent's house.

Friday morning I left Lancaster with the trailer and Dianna left Granada Hills about the same time with her mother in their car.  We met in Fresno for lunch and then I drove to Mike and Randi's ranch in Denair while Dianna and her Mom stopped at the hospital in Turlock to see Reah.  They also spent most of Saturday with her.

Reah does recognize people most of the time, but has great difficulty communicating.  Her condition remains grave and the prognosis is grim.  The family has made the decision to honor her wishes and will be taking her home on Monday.  Hospice will be helping with her care and she will be removed from all medications and artificial means of sustenance.  The doctors say that she will probably only live for a couple more weeks at most.

The family is accepting of the situation, although understandably sad.  Mother is glad she has had an opportunity to see Reah one last time, and Carrie's sister Judy will be arriving from Montana on Monday for the duration as well.  The current plan calls for me to take Mother back to Granada Hills on Tuesday.

We are all set up in our home and are very comfortable.  Mike put in a 50 amp outlet so we can plug in and run all our heat and appliances, and I have the satellite internet and TV all set up as well.  We will be fine for as long as it takes.

It's a sad time, but as the writer of Ecclesiastes said, "To everything there is a season."


  1. Turn, turn, turn. We are thinking of you and everyone else there.

  2. Glad you made it safe and sound, and are now close to the family during this time. God be with you and give you strength.

  3. I think of all the family often, and guess I am more concerned over Betty's condition. She and Rhea have always been so close that it may be harder on her than she now realizes.

    How thankful we can be that Mike lives close enough that you can have your home there for as long as necessary. God is watching over all of you.

  4. I assume with no updates that there is nothing new to add. You're still in the same place. Everyone's health is about the same.