Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Heading to Texas for the Holidays

We left Mesa and our boondocking campsite along the Salt River on Tuesday instead of Monday as originally planned.  Sunday night I noticed the battery bank was not holding like it should and figured a battery had failed.  We have eight of them in the trailer and all but one was purchased about three years ago.  When I checked Monday morning I discovered that the replacement battery we had purchased in March had lasted only five months.  Wal-Mart replaced it for free.

Unfortunately, by the time I got the battery replaced it would have been too late to get far, so we hung around an extra day.  Tuesday we drove to Safford, AZ and spend the night at Roper Lake State Park.  It is a very nice park built around a small lake.  We wouldn't mind spending some time there in the future.

Today we drove to Deming, NM and are staying at the Dreamcatcher RV Park, an Escapees park, where we plan to be for a couple days.  Dianna did laundry when we got here since we have full hookups for the first time since we left San Onofre.  Tomorrow we will do some exploring around the area.

Tonight we are expecting the coldest night we have experienced so far this year.   The weather forcast says it should get down to 31, and it is 38 now as we prepare to go to bed at 11 PM.  Brrrr.


  1. Is that park in Deming the one where we always stayed--on Main St? It was by a river, if I remember, but at 31º, I doubt you would do any playing in the water. Dianna might--after all, she is a member of the Polar Bear Club, isn't she?

  2. No rivers around here. I think you used to stay on the west end of town. We are on the east end of town.