Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pendelton Oregon

We drove the 30 miles or so to Pendleton and first stopped at the local WalMart Supercenter for a few groceries. Then it was off to visit the Pendleton Woolen Mills. We took a tour of the mill and watched wool being carded, spun and then woven into blankets. That is the primary end user product they still make at this mill. Other mills make the material for some of their other clothing.

We looked at some things in their mill shop. In addition to being very expensive it seemed like all their clothing was made in China, the Philippines or some other third world country. They apparently still weave most of the material here but they send it overseas to be turned into clothing. I guess nothing is sacred anymore.

We then turned straight south on US 395 and soon began climbing in elevation. Eventually we climbed to over 5,000 feet and were climbing and descending tree covered mountains. The scenery reminded me of the area in the White Mountains around Big Lake. It was pretty but very dry this time of year.

We stopped for the night in an Oregon State Park in Mt. Vernon, OR. This is a beautiful a state park as I have ever seen. Each site even has water and electric (50 amp) hookups. It looks better than most private campgrounds we have stayed in.

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