Saturday, September 15, 2007

Visiting Friends

We only moved about 40 miles today. Dianna had made arrangements to meet Sue Spink, a long time friend who now lives in Vancouver, WA. We parked the rig in an RV park in Ridgefield, WA and drove the truck down to town. Dianna and Sue were friends in junior high school and have maintained contact all these years.

We had a nice visit all afternoon and realized it was dinner time. We went out to dinner at Whosong and Larry’s Mexican Restaurant which is located on the Columbia River just east of the I-5 bridge. We ate outside and the scenery was very pleasant.

After dinner Sue took us on a tour of downtown Vancouver and across the river through downtown Portland, OR as well. Portland has an active nightlife in its downtown area.

We did not get home until almost 10PM.


  1. Was this Sue part of your wedding, or did she work with you? I remember that name being connected with one of you forty years ago!

  2. I remember Sue. Yes, she was one of Dianna's bridesmaids.