Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Drip, Drip

We had originally planed to leave Anchorage today, but since we did not get home until almost 1 AM we decided to sleep in and stay in town one more night. We tried to go to a downtown theater that had a show about Alaska and about the big earthquake back in the 1960’s. Donna said she enjoyed it when she was there. We had a coupon in our tour book that gave us half off and it had the address printed on it. We wandered up and down the street but all we saw was a vacant lot. We finally asked someone at the performing arts center next door and they told us it was bulldozed earlier this year. The vacant lot is all that is left. Guess that coupon isn’t worth much.

We did some shopping at Wal-mart and we tried to find a faucet repair kit for the bathroom faucet at an Ace Hardware and Home Depot. I had taken the faucet in the bathroom apart since it was leaking, but it was a Moen brand and no one seems to carry replacement parts for them. They have a lifetime guarantee and will mail you free replacement parts if it ever leaks. I decided to just do that and let it leak, but while putting it back together I broke the ceramic disc inside, so now we had to do something. It is a special faucet that fits in only one hole in the counter, unlike most bathroom faucets that have two holes on four inch centers. We went to Lowes, since we knew Home Depot did not have any that would fit, and found one that would work. It was $108 we did not plan to spend. Of course, I had to purchase some adapters so I could hook it to the RV water connections, but finally managed to get it done.

We had planned a quiet evening, but it took until almost 7:30 to finish the plumbing work. Oh well.

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  1. You didn't get to do the plumbing job I had, so you had to go make one of your own, huh? At least, it was just a faucet. Hope all is dry now.