Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Homer, Again

Today we moved to the Homer Spit. We are camped in a city campground right on the beach. At high tide the ocean is not more than 25 feet from the back of the trailer and we have a really nice view out our back window of the bay and the mountains on the other side.

There are no hookups of any kind so we will be relying on our solar panels and generator to keep us powered. I can haul water as necessary if we stay long enough to need it.

We just sat and watched the tide come in last night, and the fishermen who were casting right off the shore and catching some. Unfortunately, the weather has been overcast and rainy again so it is cold, dreary weather. Somehow, that feels appropriate though, as we sit out in the bay.

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  1. Enjoy that cold, dreary weather! I'm jealous.