Thursday, July 26, 2007

Truck Repairs

This morning I took the truck to the Michelin dealer and the factory rep from the lower 48 just happened to be making his monthly visit. He and the rest of the employees there convinced me that the problem with the front left tire was caused by an alignment problem of some sort, not because the tire was bad. They were actually quite helpful and suggested I have the truck aligned, reverse and rotate the rear tires which would cause the uneven wear pattern on the rear to correct itself, and have the front left tire trued. Truing is a process where the tire is ground down until it is round again. This does remove a considerable amount of tread life, but saves the tire. Unfortunately, there is no one in Alaska who can do that, so it looks like I will have to buy a new tire. I will take the bad one down south with me and perhaps have it trued at some future date when I need another tire.

Afterwards, we went to the coffee shop where we have been getting internet access to pay some bills and check email. Then it was an exercise in futility as we tried to figure out how to get a prescription written for Dianna at a reasonable cost. We went to a clinic where we were informed she would have to be seen by someone and the charges would “start at $100”! After filling out the paperwork Dianna decided she didn’t want to pay that much just to get a prescription. She has been cutting her pills in half & will just continue doing that until they run out.

We came home, paid for another two nights and asked the woman who took our money for a recommendation of a good, reasonably priced steak & seafood restaurant. She told us of the Sea Galley. It reminded us of a Red Lobster, food was pretty good and we brought enough home for another meal. It sure gives us more for our money that way.

Another flooding story:

Dayna called us last night to tell us Chris was drilling a hole in the wall of their living room as he was putting up a dartboard . He hit a water line & flooded their living room & dining room before he could get the water shut off! She said the wood floor they put in just last year has buckled and it may have damaged their dining room table (our old one) as the water spurted across the room. Since they caused the problem she wasn’t sure if the insurance would cover the damage but we’re pretty sure it should. Accidents happen in the home all the time.

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  1. I bet their insurance covers it. That's what insurance is for ... accidents.

    So you didn't make it to the Glacier Brewhouse in Anchorage (one of Robin & Ken's favorite restaurants)?