Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Whittier Almost

It rained most of the night and most of today as well. We continued toward Anchorage and took the road toward Portage Glacier. It is only a few miles off the main highway along Turnagain Arm, but the weather deteriorated considerably in that distance. When we got to the visitor center the wind was blowing the rain sideways and it was 50 degrees. There were huge whitecaps on the lake below the glacier. They had tour boats to take you out to it, but the weather was so nasty we just looked at the exhibits in the visitor center and continued our journey into Anchorage.

We had thought about driving through the railroad tunnel into Whittier, but the weather discouraged us. I would have to have unhooked the trailer to avoid paying a huge toll, and even then we would have had to negotiate the fee due to the size of our truck. Motorhomes (which we are registered as) under 28 feet long pay $12. Trucks over 12,000 pounds (which we also are) pay $35. We decided it was not worth having to deal with, and I had no desire to get out and unhook the trailer in that weather either.

We continued on into the city and drove directly to Centennial Park Campground where we spent almost two weeks earlier. They saw us coming and came out to tell us our spot was available. Space 10 is very large, secluded and easy to get into with our rig. It also is in a location where I can run a hose to fill with water, and it will get sunshine to charge the batteries if we ever see it again.

We watched a movie on TV before bed. It was a strange English movie that had both of us scratching our heads at time.


  1. Why didn't you take the train into Whittier since you couldn't drive? I guess that might have been even more expensive.

  2. We did not have any real desire to visit Whittier, we just wanted to drive through the train tunnel. But with horrible weather and the prospect of paying a lot, and needing to leave the trailer somewhere, we decided there was no real reason to do it.

  3. Ah, I see. Whittier is where we caught our Prince William Sound cruise. We took the train down from Anchorage.