Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yummy Scrumptious!

We slept in late this Sunday morning and did not leave Talkeetna until almost noon. The area we drove through was the part we did not see on our way down due to smoke, clouds and rain so it was nice to finally be able to see what we missed. We did catch a glimpse of the top of Denali a couple times, but other than that it was just beautiful views of the Alaska Range.

About 2 PM the truck flashed a warning that the coolant was low so we stopped for lunch and I checked it. Sure enough, it looks like we have a small leak coming out of the front of the engine. I don’t know what it means, but that is one more thing to have looked at when we get to Fairbanks.

We stopped for the night about 25 miles north of the Denali National Park area in a secluded pull out. It appears to be an abandoned gravel pit and the roads down into it mask the highway and get us far enough away that the noise will be less. We discovered that there are wild raspberries growing here so we picked a bunch and Dianna made a pie after our halibut dinner. We had it before bed and it was yummy scrumptious!


  1. A guy I work with just got back from an across country jaunt in a motor home. He made the comment that RVers should be well experienced mechanics, because they always seem to be dealing with something going wrong. But he also indicated it didn't deter too much from their enjoyment of their trip.

  2. I remember Dad always working on the trailer or car on long trips.
    I think it's nicer when there are no problems...

  3. But those trips and repairs bring back lots of memories. It was on one of our Alaska trips that I heard Dad mutter "Mud falling into my ear".

  4. How long did the pie last? Have you made another one?

  5. Wild raspberry pie sounds good, except for the seeds. I'd be picking them out of my teeth all night long.