Monday, July 23, 2007

Leaving Homer

We left Homer today and headed back toward Anchorage. The rain never stopped and there were times the fog was so heavy we had to slow to 45 or less. We stopped at the Fred Meyer’s in Soldotna to buy groceries and had a dickens of a time finding a place to park in their parking lot. Like a lot of Wal-Marts, they allow people to camp in their parking lots. The problem is that this is a very busy store and their parking lot is usually very crowded. When you add the dozens of people camping there as well, it is a challenge. I have no problem with the store allowing people to park overnight, but many of these people are just camping here for an extended period which leaves no place for someone with a large rig to park while just shopping. Dumb.

We continued on to Sterling and stopped to see if the campground we had stayed in last week had a space. They didn’t, so we just camped at a pull out along the highway. Lot’s cheaper anyway.

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