Monday, July 2, 2007

Springy Steps

I thought I would see just how long these lazy critters would sleep if no one woke them up. Turns out Nana was the first awake at a little before 11 am. She said she did not go to sleep until about 2. She woke the kids. Hummmmm.

After a lunch of waffles I investigated the step on the trailer. It has been too springy lately and seemed to be getting worse the past few days. I tightened all the bolts a couple days ago but that did not help much. Today I used a flashlight and looked it over closely and found that the metal had cracked where it mounted. I guess it was just from all the use. It had nothing to do with Alaska roads or this trip. I removed it and took it to an auto repair shop up the road to have it welded. Then brought it back and reinstalled it. I know it does not sound like much, but it is very heavy and required crawling around on my back under the trailer. I even had to build a wood scaffold to hold it in place while I bolted it back in. I needed a nap when I was done.

Meanwhile, Nana and the kids played lots of games and watched a DVD. The weather has been lousy today, with sprinkles and low clouds so staying inside was about all anyone wanted to do. There is no sun so the batteries do not recharge very much. We have been using the generator from time to time since we need it on if we are going to do any baking. The inverter is just not enough to run the convection oven for long so running the generator recharges the batteries as well as powering the oven. We can keep going this way for a while, but sun sure would be better for a lot of reasons.

This evening we went shopping and then Nana and Deidra played games, Papa played on the computer and Dom built domino fall down things. They were pretty complex and he had great fun until time for bed. We plan to take a day trip somewhere tomorrow.

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