Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lake Kinaskan,Day 2

It rained all night and was still raining this morning when we got up. We took a vote and decided to stay put until the weather clears up some. There is no reason we have to be anywhere at any specific time, and driving these slippery, rough roads in wet and foggy conditions is not the safest thing to do. Besides, with all the low clouds we would not see any of the beautiful scenery around us.

Both of us often still feel the urge to keep moving on, which is a feeling that we understand from other retired full timers takes a year or two to overcome. When we were traveling on vacation or moving from one work location to another, we always had deadlines and time limits on when we needed to be somewhere. Early this summer when we had the grandkids with us, we had the same kind of time restraints since we had airline reservations and wanted to show the kids as much as we could in the time available. Now, we have no such constraints. But it still takes some doing to really get your head around the concept. It is harder for Dianna than for me, partly because she is not fond of the weather we have had up here. I am in my element, but she is a warm weather girl and wishes we were out of the cold and rain. I reminded her that just about everyone in the lower 48 would gladly trade places with us right now, sitting on a pristine lake, gentle rain falling, snug and warm in our RV and looking at a thermometer that reads 45 degrees at 11 AM.

Many retired full timers follow the 2-2-2 rule. That means they never travel more than 200 miles in one day, always stop by 2 PM and always stay for at least 2 days in each place. We are not at that point yet, but it is a goal and we are close. Maybe we need to modify the stopping by 2 PM rule since we often don’t get on the road until close to noon, but if we travel no more than four hours that should do it. So far our trip this summer has taken us just about 10,000 miles in 86 days. That averages only 116 miles per day.

One of the blogs I follow is Tioga George. The link to his site is in my links. He is a single full timer whose goal is to average no more than 30 miles per day. He does pretty close to that and still covers a lot of ground during the year. He usually winters in Baja California and spends his summers traveling to cooler country in the Rocky Mountain States. His blog is fun to follow.

It is now 9 PM and the rain has not stopped. It has rained for over 24 hours straight. We obviously did not do much today. We played computer games, worked on crafts and I cleaned out the receipt tray, a project that has needed doing for some time. I had to run the generator for a couple hours to replenish the electricity we have used since there is no sun for the solar panels. That is the first time in a couple weeks we have even started the generator. We did take a walk in the rain late this afternoon, with raincoats on, but that was the only time we were outside all day. The campground host said the rain is supposed to stop late tomorrow so we will be ready to move south when it does.


  1. Now that's the life! Wish I could convince my boss to let me do the 2-2-2 rule. Two hours per day, working on 2 edits, with 2 lunch breaks! Don't you think that sounds good?

    I love the rain, so I'd be in heaven in that little house on wheels.

  2. That "little house" is not so little! It probably has about as much square footage as my apartment, and I live in spacious grandeur~