Friday, August 10, 2007

Tok - Day 1

As promised, we motored on down to Tok today. We arrived shortly after noon and checked into the Sourdough Campground for the night. Dianna began doing laundry and is still doing it as I write this a little after 9 PM. I think this is the 7th load.

We just got back from the “show” here at the campground. They have a singing group who were not bad, and a comedy act that includes throwing pancakes into a bucket for a free breakfast. It was a hoot. We also had pie and coffee along with a couple roasted marshmallows.

I checked on our U.S. mail this afternoon and it was not here yet. I really did not expect it to be, so we will be here until at least Monday since the post office is not open on Saturday or Sunday. We will not stay here in the campground but will find a place where it does not cost anything and the nearest neighbor is a lot farther away. That will also mean less access to internet so postings may become more sporadic again.

One thing I am expecting in the mail is a new prescription for my thyroid medication. I asked at the visitor center where the nearest pharmacy is, and they said Fairbanks. That’s 220 miles the wrong way. Guess I will have to wait until we get to Whitehorse, YT again. Fortunately, I have enough to get me through. Just consider that this is on the main highway. What do people who live out in the boonies do? Plan ahead, I suppose.


  1. Mail order,possibly. Isn't there a hospital around? They probably have a pharmacy for emergency prescriptions.

    You never replied on how much gas is up there?

  2. I was just in Wasilla LAst weekend. Regular Unleaded was $2.97 in ANchorage and $2.99 in Wasilla. Diesel was $2.87 IIRC.

    When you pase mile 50.5, wave to my family who live on the right behind the Top Dog drive in in the blue rancher.

  3. Today the price of regular is 3.09 and diesel is 3.19 in Tok. It was about 20 cents cheaper in Fairbanks.

  4. Sounds like Phoenix wins, as it continues to hover below $2.55.

  5. Phoenix needs some sort of enticement to go there during the summer. :P

  6. Hey, remember, it's a dry heat...