Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My new family in Fairbanks

We decided to stay in Fairbanks another night and see a couple more things before leaving. We went to the museum at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks but decided we did not want to pay the $20 admission fee. It was probably a fair price, but we have seen so much in other places for far less that we just decided to pass. So, we went to Walmart and spent $70 on groceries in preparation for leaving the “big city” and heading for more rural places for the next couple weeks.

This evening I did go to the aviation museum here at Pioneer Village. It was quite good and well worth the $2 admission fee, if I had paid it. I was behind a lady and her grandson who told the clerk “family ticket”. The price for a whole family was $5. The clerk assumed I was with them and sold them the family ticket. When I handed him a $20 bill he looked confused. I explained that I was not with the other two and he tried to give them back their extra dollar. The lady said “He can be part of our family tonight, if that is OK.” The clerk thought it was fine, and I did too. I wanted to give her the dollar but all I had was a twenty so all she got was my heartfelt thanks.

Tomorrow, for sure, we head south toward Delta Junction and Tok. Or maybe not.


  1. Maybe you just look elderly, confused, poor and homeless. Either people are getting friendlier, or I look as though I need assistance; I have run into some of the greatest folks lately.
    It does seem as though, in Alaska, everyone was willing to visit, help and/or share. Maybe it's because there isn't that big city feeling of "I don't know you; get out of my way".

  2. Can your old family still be your family, too? ;)

    I was wondering how much gas is up there? I paid $2.53 for unleaded yesterday.

  3. What was in the aviation museum? Did they have anything special you couldn't see anywhere else?

    Regular unleaded is $2.89 in LA near me.