Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tok - Day 2

We puttered around and finished another load of laundry before leaving the campground at noon. We did not go far. About 12 miles south of Tok is the Tanana River crossing. Just south is a very large two ended pull out that goes behind a small hill. We have made camp here for a couple nights while we wait for our mail.

During the afternoon I unloaded the scooter and made a trip into Tok to buy oil for the generator. It was down a quart and I had forgotten to buy it while we were in Fairbanks earlier. The scooter was fine, despite all the mud it had received. There was still some mud in hidden places but I got most of it with a bucket and rag.

We have not used the scooter nearly as much as I would have liked. When we are in a place only over night it is somewhat of a hassle to unload for such a short time, and when we have been in places longer the weather has been too cold or rainy to enjoy it. If tomorrow is as nice as today was, we may take a ride somewhere.


  1. Enjoy the North Country. Phoenix got down to 95 degrees last night! And Donna's electricity was off, just 20 minutes, but long enough to start to warm up in the house. Ah, summer in Phx.

  2. You need to update "Where are we?"

  3. OK, Daryl. I updated. It takes a little time and when we do not have internet in the RV I don't usually take the time.