Wednesday, August 22, 2007

South from Whitehorse

Realizing that we would not be near a decent sized store for a couple of weeks, we made another trip to WalMart to buy some staples.

Next was a stop at the bank to get some cash from an ATM. I have discovered that MasterCard is charging 2.07 per transaction in addition to the exchange rate for my credit card use. That is not too bad on a decent sized purchase, like $400 in fuel, but horrible on a small purchase. I decided it was less expensive to get some cash and use it for the small stuff. The exchange rate right now is about 94 cents to one Canadian dollar. I had always heard that using a credit card was the best way to handle foreign cash transactions since you would get a decent exchange rate. Maybe the fee I am being charged is something I can get them to waive. I will try when we get phone service again.

We left Whitehorse about 12:30 and drove until around 4. We stopped in exactly the same place we parked when we were headed north on June 14. Tomorrow we will continue south and make the turnoff onto the Cassiar Highway just before we get to Watson Lake. We have been over this section of highway before, but it looks completely different from this direction.

What a difference two months makes. Heading north we saw snow capped mountains, beautiful waterfalls, abundant wildflowers and hordes of mosquitoes. Now there is almost no snow left on the mountains, the waterfalls have dried up and the foliage is changing color so you can tell that fall is coming fast in the North Country. In place of the mosquitoes are tiny Black Flies. They can entirely encapsulate a weak animal in order to kill it and get into every open orifice on the human body if you happen to be where they are swarming. Fortunately that’s not everywhere though we have experienced them.

We had tentatively planned to stop earlier at a well known restaurant and free RV park back up the road called Mukluk Annie’s, but they were closed for the season already. I know that sounds strange to all of you roasting your tushies off in the lower 48, but winter’s a comin’. You better get your heavy coats ready!

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  1. Bring your Visa because they don't take American Express. (I'm the walking talking commercial girl, remember?) Wonder if either of those would charge the fee. Threaten MC that you're going to switch, and I'll bet they waive the fee.

    You're right, with temps still over 100 here, winter's a long way off!