Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Alaska - Idaho at last

We awoke this morning to reports of a strong storm coming into our area and travel warnings for high profile vehicles.  We are pretty high profile.  We originally planned to stop at the Hill Air Force Base Museum just a few miles north of our camping location, but since the wind was already blowing hard from the south we decided to forgo the stop.  Papa is probably the one who would have enjoyed it the most, and the rest would have tolerated it.

With the wind directly behind us we got very good mileage and it did not bother us at all.  We crossed the Idaho border in a couple hours and continued on until stopping for lunch at a rest area.  This was a very nice rest area and it had a ½ mile nature walk through a lava flow.  It was very well done and the kids enjoyed reading all the signs about where the lava came from, what plants and animals lived there and how they survived in such a barren landscape.  Then it was on to an RV park outside Rexburg, ID where we stopped early for the night.  We only traveled about 200 miles today, but it is much more relaxing to go at that pace.

Tomorrow night we plan to be near Dillon, MT where John and Judy Vaccaro live.  Judy is Dianna’s cousin who we have not seen for about 10 years.  Since moving up here from Turlock, they bought land and have built their own log house out in the country.


  1. I see you on Datastorm today.

    I remember Judy from the wedding, and maybe Turlock.

    You are going to be near Yellowstone. No plans to visit on the way through? How about Glacier?

  2. Looks on the map like you will probably head west on 33 and pick up 15 again, then head north to Dillon.

  3. We took the kids to Yellowstone a couple years ago so they have seen it. Not that it is not a special place, but this year we are just moving north. You are correct that we are just heading back to I-15. We only came over here because there was a low cost campground available. We belong to a camping club that provides for 50% off. Much better than the 10% off Good Sam (no relation to Sam Walton) gives.

  4. Does that route go past the River of No Return, where Lewis and Clark met "the poor but friendly Indians"? That became a catch phrase to the three "little" kids when we were there. If you go through Arco, ID, there is a sign at the entrance to the city saying that it is the first city to be lighted by nuclear power.

    I guess that I just loved that trip so much that I keep remembering little things. The neck of Idaho is one of the most beautiful spots on Planet Earth--lots of log cabins by the rushing river.

  5. Mom, the route you are talking about is the road from here up to West Yellowstone. We went that way a couple years ago, but this time we are just going up I-15 through Great Falls, MT. It is very pretty here, but a major storm has blown in. Record low high temperatures and snow warnings above 6,000 feet. We have to go over 7,000 today on our way to Dillon so we will see what happens.

  6. I both love and hate reading your detailed entries. Love the feeling of almost being there and experiencing it with you. Hate ALMOST being there instead of REALLY being there! Upon further consideration, I think the love outweighs the hate, so keep the blogs coming!

    Too bad you'll miss Robin and Ken in Alaska, and are now driving through Idaho without seeing them. So close, yet so far away!