Sunday, June 17, 2007

It can't all be fun and beauty

After such a fantastic day yesterday we should have expected less today. We would not have been disappointed.

Last night as the kids we getting into bed, Dom jumped on the bed and landed on Deidra’s already sprained ankle, re-injuring what was already a bum leg. That meant that Deidra needed to be helped everywhere she went today, including climbing in and out of the truck. That takes four good limbs under the best of circumstances.

It took forever for everyone to get ready to go this morning, and then we had to make a stop at Wal-Mart on the way out to buy an ankle wrap for our gimp. We motored north, stopping for lunch at a rest area along the way. The scenery was very nice, but after yesterday it was not noteworthy.

We passed Kaluane Lake and some dusty construction before hitting the road everyone talks about when they lament the rough ride. The guide books warn that the road from here to the Alaska border, about 150 miles away, is the roughest of the whole trip. They were not kidding. Although it is paved and not very potholed, the surface is heaved, dipped, rolled, humped and any other irregular description you can think of. For much of the last 50 miles of the day we drove about 30 MPH and even that was rough.

We finally stopped at Lake Creek Campground, a Yukon government park. It is much is like our forest service campgrounds in the states, but the sites are very big and they have free firewood. Not that the firewood is going to do us any good. In addition to free firewood they have free and plentiful mosquitoes here. Sitting outside is out of the question.

While peeling potatoes for dinner, Deidra managed to slice her finger so tonight she only has two good limbs. Nana had to cut her pork roast. Card games after dinner and off to bed. Tomorrow we should be back in Alaska for good.

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  1. What a BUMMER! I know what it feels like to injure yourself on vacation (remember my broken thumb?). I hope she's able to get around soon and it doesn't slow her down for long. Take care, Deidra!