Sunday, June 10, 2007

Grand Prairie, Alberta

Posted on 6/15 from Whitehorse, Yukon

Today started off gloomy and overcast. We did not get out of the campground until after 10 and drove in clouds and mist until around 1 pm when we hit fog. It did not really slow us down, but it is hard to see much of the scenery when your visibility is limited to about 500 feet! After a lunch stop by the road we began to get heavy rain and thunderstorms. There was even some small hail for a while, but eventually we got through it all and the sun came out to reveal a beautiful day. The country side here is very green and mostly covered with a mixture of evergreens and deciduous trees. There are many small lakes and several large rivers. We have seen no mountains since leaving Montana except for way off in the distance. The terrain is mostly flat to low rolling hills. We have seen signs warning us to watch out for moose, but we have seen no moose or other large animals since the white tail deer we saw when leaving the last campground in Montana.

We planned to stop in Grande Prairie, Alberta and tried the Rotary Club campground first. It seems all the campgrounds have figured out they can charge whatever they want and the going price is about $30 to $35. That is much more than we are used to paying, especially for nothing more than what they had to offer. So, went south of town a couple miles to a very nice campground that still charged the same $32.40, but it is a very nice place with trees and large campsites.

Our plan was to fill up with fuel here since it will be more expensive from now on. Flying J has recently purchased the old Shell truck fuel stations here but they are not set up properly yet. They are just fuel stations with no attendants. Their system would only give me $75 worth of fuel at a time, and only twice. $150 will not get me too far. The lady at the campground knew of the problem and told me of a place to get it for the same price where I can use my credit card for all I need. We will do that tomorrow on the way out.

Tonight after dinner we watched “Yours, Mine and Ours”. We plan to do some shopping in the morning. Tomorrow we will arrive in Dawson Creek, Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway, probably by noon or so. Then we will really begin our adventure.

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