Sunday, June 3, 2007

Alaska - Provo, UT

We all woke up very early this morning and were out of the RV park by 8:20.  I think that is a record.  There is not much to say about today as we just drove.  The road climbs north of Las Vegas and is not very interesting until you get to the Arizona border.  I-15 only runs through about 29 miles of Arizona, but that is right through the neatest cut in mountains.  It is a very narrow canyon cut by the Virgin River.  Further north the road climbs to well over 6,000 feet before dropping down to about 4,500 by the time we got to our stopping place for the night.  We stopped in a little town just south of Provo, UT in an RV park with a pool.  It is still 85 and the kids want to swim.

I have been driving 60 MPH and so far we are averaging 8.0 MPG.  That may not sound like much to those of you driving cars, but it is more than I was able to get pulling Mom and Dad’s Alfa with my Dodge pickup.  And, this truck goes up all the mountains at the same 60 MPH, regardless of how steep the road is.  It sure is fun traveling with plenty of room for the kids to play at the table or climb upstairs to the bed for a nap.

We will probably be somewhere in Idaho tomorrow night.


  1. Are the kids good travelers? What do they spend their time on the road doing?

    You're right -- 8 mpg sounds dastardly! I got over 30 mpg on my trip up that same interstate last fall.

  2. Thanks for the update. Keep it up!

  3. I have been checking daily, but hadn't seen your last 3 posts. I must have just glanced at Alaska and thought it was the same. Very interesting stuff. I bet this will be one of the most memorable trips for D & D! I will never forget the summer Gma and Gpa took me north and we had fun seeing all the sights. That was a great summer! Enjoy yourselves and keep up with the good posting!

  4. If you average the mileage you get on the scooter with what you get on the truck it comes out to a pretty decent number. Except of course you can't carry a bunch of people and pull a trailer with the scooter. ;)

  5. Devon is on a trip to San Francisco this week. He said he got about 43 on the highway, and over 50 in town. That's probably close to what your scooter gets.

    Keep the posts coming -- it's fun to follow your progress.

  6. Datastorm says that you have not updated your position and have dropped off the map.

  7. My "scooter" gets close to 40 mpg. I suspect Richard's gets closer to 60+.

  8. Let me try to respond to everyone, although I am not sure this is the best way to answer questions.

    Donna -- the kids are very good travelers. They love to look out the window and see what they can find. They look for animals, or rock formations or mountains or anything else interesting. They also nap from time to time and on this trip they both have hook rug kits they are working on. From time to time Dom may also plays with his video games on the TV in the truck.

    Heather -- The reason you found three posts all at once is that I am cheating. When I post I am setting the date to the information posted, not to the date it is posted.  Siince I don't have internet access every day the posts will come when I do. I am actually keeping the journal on a daily basis in Work and cutting and pasting into my blog when I can. I have thought of your travels with Gma and Gpa often. I know our grandkids will have great memories also.

    Daryl -- It is tough keeping my locations updated with internet access only every few days. I will update today but it will not change on a daily basis.

    Don and Daryl -- Yes, my scooter gets 60 MPG. And, if you do the math, my truck is getting 32 people MPG as well. Not bad!