Sunday, June 24, 2007

Worthinton Glacier and Valdez

We hit the road toward Valdez and stopped in Glenallen to buy Nana some more Kleenex. There’s nothing like running out of life’s necessities. Glenallen is due east of where we began the day and we had motored further inland away from the pretty mountains. That changed as we turned south at Glenallen toward Valdez. We approached beautiful snow covered mountains (seen through a bug covered windshield) and eventually stopped at Worthington Glacier.

We all climbed up to its face and stood on it. The color of the crevice in the face was the most beautiful blue. There were some ice climbers climbing there and it was fun watching them work their way up it.

Dom and Nana took hike around the edge and up on top of it. Deidra was lucky to have made it all the way to the face, and would not have been able to do so without a lot of Nana’s and Papa’s help. She is still pretty gimpy, but there was no way we were keeping her from touching a glacier.

We then drove over Thompson Pass and down into Valdez. It reminded us of the trip down into Skagway a week or so ago. There were beautiful waterfalls everywhere. This is a picture of Bridal Veil Falls.

We continued on to Valdez and have checked into an RV park for two nights. Tomorrow afternoon we will be taking a cruise on Prince William Sound to see marine life and glaciers. It should be fun. We will do some exploring around town in the morning. One thing I am disappointed about is that after 9-11 they closed all the tours of the pipeline terminus. You can’t get within a couple miles of the place now. We can see it across the sound but that’s it.

We are having a quiet night tonight. It is time to do laundry again. The kids are working on their rugs. Nana is trying to recover from Pogo withdrawal by playing as many games as she can before the kids have a turn on the computer. Me? I’m working on my blog!


  1. And a good job you are doing with it, too! (The blog, that is.) We're really enjoying reading the travelogue.

    I'm curious how much the PWS day cruises are nowadays. When I did one in 1998, it was $119, which included lunch. We took the train from Anchorage to Whittier ($49), and cruised out of there. I saw a glacier calving, which was one of the highlights of my trip! I hope you have a beautiful day. Take your coats, as it's COLD out on the water!

  2. I remember the bug splattered windshield; isn't it weird the things which stay in one's memory?

  3. The cruise from here cost $95 and includes lunch (soup and bagels). We leave at noon and are scheduled to return at 6. We purchased an Alaska coupon book before we left. It cost $100. After our free fudge in Tok and a BOGOF on this cruise we are even. Everything from now on will be really free.

  4. I second Donna's warning to dress warmly. We froze on our whale watching cruise in the sound.

    It was a foggy day, and we really didn't get to see anything except a few seals, but the trip was fun and exhilarating (huddled in the cabin most of the time).