Thursday, June 28, 2007

Oh Baby, I though I’d lost you!

No, not Nana and the kids….. my laptop!

We got up very late this morning and puttered around, washing bugs off the front of the truck (it’s a big truck and there can’t be any bugs left between Montana and Anchorage) and getting ready to go do some more shopping.

It was then I got the call from the repairman at Pyramid Computers who had worked on my laptop. He said he re-soldered the power connection but that there was something else wrong with it. It would not power on and he said the mother board was bad. I explained to him as calmly as I could that the mother board was not bad when I gave it to them yesterday, that it worked when they got it and that I would be down shortly to have a chat with them about what needed to happen.

By the time I got the rest of this crew ready to go, dropped them off at Michaels to do some shopping and arrived at the place, they had already sent my laptop to their other store where their “senior” laptop technician worked. She was going to look at it and would call me after when she figured out what had happened.

I picked up the kids from shopping and we returned to the campground, made lunch, unloaded the scooter, washed the scooter and decided to go get our mail that we had had forwarded to Anchorage. Dom and I rode down to the main post office and waited in line for 45 minutes (1 clerk at the main downtown post office and about 20 people in line where we got there) and while we were there I got a call from the “senior” tech telling me the computer was fixed and I could come pick it up. After getting the mail, Dom and I rode over to the store and got it. In the course of conversation it became very clear that the first technician did not know what he was doing. Good thing he did not really make a mess of it given that she said it was one of the most densely packed laptops she had ever worked on. She had never worked on one like it and was actually very impressed with it. Best of all, she only charged me for 1 ½ hours of labor instead of the 2 hours I was quoted and much less than the 3 ½ hours they spent working on it altogether.

Although everything on my laptop is backed up on my external hard drive, I really do not relish the idea of losing this one that is configured and set up exactly the way I want it, in the middle of a trip like this.

We watched Titanic on DVD this evening and went to bed late. It was a long movie.

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